Some Comments From Our 2021 Global Live Stream 9/11 Event

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Thank you!!! It was a wonderful symposium. I had a living room full of rapt watchers. I hope they ante up to help. -P.F.
What a dynamic, compelling presentation tonight. I could have listened to another 9 hours ! ( Just contributed again). Thanks for your heroism !
For Truth and Liberty, -F.S.

Dear LC Board of Directors,

Thank you for such an important 20th Anniversary Event. It undoubtedly is perhaps ‘the’ most important historical presentations of our time. Your line up of speakers explained our current state of affairs and the True-Time-Line of the unfolding of what we ‘truthers’ have been warning about since that fateful day 20 years ago and even before. This situation of depopulation and control by injection we find ourselves in is the coup de gras for the 911 criminals and dark criminal cabal ruling over much of the world. A huge ‘hats -off’ to you all and the others who were instrumental in producing the event. I know how last minute glitches have to be overcome with finesse, you all pulled it off wonderfully & most importantly with heart with the Spirit of Unity & Courage & Truth. Keep it up please, do not let anything come between our Unity. We must halt any division in it’s tracks for that is the evil tactic being employed upon us all. The World is counting on you. Thank you. Cheri Aspenleiter

I would like to get a video or audio copy of the presentation by Reiner Fuellmich at your Super U webinar on September 11, 2021. I thought his statement was very outstanding. I really enjoyed the entire webinar. Do you plan to post the video of the entire program? -F.B.
Excellent job on the 20th anniversary presentation. I watched from my home with my 2 brothers and a friend. We all were happy to pay our way. I think it would be helpful to share this with others. Is there any chance you could put it on a dvd and raise funds with the sale? We have been trying to wake people up for the last 10 years or so. Man! It’s slow going! We saw the pandemic for what it was within days of the lockdowns last March. I was slower to believe it but I fell for the fear for a short time. No more. I have nothing to lose by speaking out. 20 years as a massage therapist and shut down when I kept saying I can help. I have tools to fine tune the immune system. It was impossible to get leaders to listen. Ok then. They turned a massage therapist into an activist. Thank you! – C.A.
I’m a subscriber and I donated and watched most of the online streaming 20th anniversary of 9/11 conference yesterday. It was excellent. Though the presentation are available for 7 days, we who are making the effort to get the truth of 9/11 and the covid phenomenon heard need to use the excellent presentations. There were several I would like to capture to send to VIPs and officials: Reiner Fuellmich’s, Dr. Boyles’, and many others. Would you consider making these available somehow? Thanks and thank you all for your efforts to bring justice for the people against the determined and demonic sociopaths running these scams. -T.T.
WATCH A REPLAY (After Donation)


The video will be available at the linked page until October 2, 2021

A technical glitch delayed notification to those who had signed up after Sep 10. We apologize and thank you very much for your patience.


Global Live Stream from the Lawyers’ Committee September 11, 2021

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Join us this September 11th for a tremendous commemorative life-stream event entitled ” 9/11-anthrax to the Pandemic; Life and Liberty in the Balance” featuring many outstanding speakers  who will address the crimes of 9/11 as well as the continuing assault on civil liberties resulting from the  present pandemic and show the connections between 9/11 and Covid-19

The 9/11 Anniversary Event Will Be LIVE STREAMED on Saturday, September 11, 2021

1:00 p.m. Eastern time
12:00 p.m. noon Central time.
11:00 a.m. Mountain time
10:00 a.m. Pacific coast time
(8 hours duration)

CLICK HERE to Meet the Speakers & Signup


A Tribute to Ed Asner

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Dear Friends:

Our beloved friend Ed Asner, fellow Lawyers’ Committee Board member died this past Sunday August 29, 2021 . He was 91 years old.

Ed towered above all the actors and entertainers in the United States regarding his concern for justice and proper investigation of the 9/11 crimes.

He was a good friend of both the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and for the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry. He did excellent videos both on 9l11 crimes and of support for both non-profit organizations. He sat on the Lawyers’ Committee Board of Directors.

There will be a tribute to him at the Lawyers’ Committee 9/11 20th anniversary event. As was previously planned, he would have given the welcome address. September 11th. Global Live Stream from the Lawyers’ Committee





Citizens’ Rights Denied by N.Y. U.S. District Court- Appeal Filed

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Dear Friends:

Lawyers’ Committee Litigation Director Mick Harrison recently filed, on behalf of eight co-plaintiffs an Appeal Brief in the United States Court of Appeal for the Second Circuit concerning the dismissal by Judge Paul G. Gardephe of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District in Manhattan of Plaintiffs’ complaint on Article III standing grounds. The complaint seeks to compel the United States Attorney for the Southern District to present to a Grand Jury evidence of controlled demolitions and explosives used to destroy the World Trade Center Towers.

“Standing” is the legal right for a particular person or organization to bring a claim in court. A plaintiff must establish that they meet the legal criteria for standing. This generally involves demonstrating an injury and a direct connection of that injury to the defendants’ actions..

The co-plaintiffs are: Robert McIlvaine who lost his son, Diana Hetzel who lost her husband, a fire fighter, Jeanne Evans who lost her brother, a firefighter, Michael O’ Kelly, a NYC Hazmat fire chief who lost his health and has permanent lung damage from working on the Ground Zero piles, Former Fire Commissioner, Nassau County Christopher Gioia who also worked on the piles and lost close friends who were fire fighters, Richard Gage, President and Founder of Architects & Engineers, and two non profit corporations whose missions are dedicated to 9/11transparency, The Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry and Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth…MORE