Recently Discovered Video Shows 9/11 victim Bobby McIlvaine Playing Basketball Against Kobe Bryant in 1992

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Bobby McIlvaine was a 9/11 victim at the World Trade Center.

His father is a tireless warrior relentlessly pursuing justice for his son, and all victims of 9/11.

He is a co-plaintiff in both the Lawyers’ Committee Federal Mandamus law suit filed against the United States Attorney, and the United States Attorney in the Southern District in NYC concerning the mandatory obligation of the United States Attorney to present the evidence submitted to him by the Lawyers’ Committee of bombs and incendiaries used in the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers.

He is also a co-plaintiff in Washington D.C. in a Lawyers’ Committee seven count Federal Mandamus Action against the FBI and the Department of Justice concerning the FBI’s failure to fulfill a congressional mandate regarding the 9/11 Review Commission.

In both cases the Federal Government has amazingly said that Bob Mcilvaine as well as the other co-plaintiff have no standing. Both cases are presently being litigated by the Lawyers’ Committee.

This video, recently received by the McIlvaines, is a reminder of the personal suffering caused by the events of 9/11, and of why we persist in seeking accountability for the events of that day.



We embrace the Mcilvaine family and celebrate with them the wonderful memories of their son and brother, Bobby.  

h/t: Philadelphia Inquirer Raishad Hardnett, Apr 5, 2020

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