David Knight Talks to the Lawyers’ Committee about the New Anthrax Petition 3/10/2021

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INTERVIEW Lawyers’ Committee For 9/11 Inquiry joins to discuss the only attack on Congress using a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD biological). After a botched FBI investigation criticized by National Research Council (NRC) and media across the political spectrum, why is Congress NOT reopening an investigation

1. The anthrax attacks — 1 week after 9/11

2. questioned by many establishment news organizations (NYT, WaPo, PBS, etc) and nothing but obfuscation from FBI Director Mueller

3. The government’s conspiracy theories used to push Iraq & Afghanistan war, the PATRIOT Act — and Model State Health Emergency Powers Act (basis for 2020 lockdown tyranny)

4. FBI switches to lone wolf theory

5. FBI lab work (PCR) to pin on Ivins & 7 year investigation (Clint Eastwood – Richard Jewel); his 2008 overdose death and their immediate briefing less than a month later that he was the only one involved; 2011 report

6. National Academy of Science (NAS) & its National Research Council (NRC) debunk FBI investigation

7. FBI obstruction & corruption 8. Nadler & Mueller — Battelle, Dugway, & CIA

Thanks to David Knight for having the Lawyers’ Committee on the show.
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