A Tribute to Ed Asner

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Dear Friends:

Our beloved friend Ed Asner, fellow Lawyers’ Committee Board member died this past Sunday August 29, 2021 . He was 91 years old.

Ed towered above all the actors and entertainers in the United States regarding his concern for justice and proper investigation of the 9/11 crimes.

He was a good friend of both the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and for the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry. He did excellent videos both on 9l11 crimes and of support for both non-profit organizations. He sat on the Lawyers’ Committee Board of Directors.

There will be a tribute to him at the Lawyers’ Committee 9/11 20th anniversary event. As was previously planned, he would have given the welcome address. September 11th. Global Live Stream from the Lawyers’ Committee





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  1. Joe Meyers

    Dear 911 Truth Seekers,

    My name is Joe Meyers and I was a Navy reservist assigned to the U.S. Customhouse (building 6) at the time that the towers came down.

    As my fellow co-workers and I evacuated the building, I smelled gunpowder and two employees who had served in the Army and Army National Guard said that the odor permeating the air smelled like C4.

    I couldn’t confirm their statements because I had never dealt with C4 while on active duty.

    Has anyone ever checked with the airlines to see if any of the perpetrators checked in any baggage for their respective flights? If so, the baggage could have been filled with thermite and a combination of explosives.

    Has anyone checked on the airline baggage handlers, who may have been involved, loaded the planes with luggage filled with thermite to exacerbate the explosions?

    I would ask the airlines if there had been any recent new hires with the airlines, just prior to the WTC horrific event, who were assigned baggage handling duties? Also, I would ask if any of the luggage handlers who loaded the planes, resigned their positions days/weeks after the towers collapsed?

    If this was an inside job, I’m sure there would be co-conspirators working the periphery.

  2. Dr. David Earl-Graef

    I am a former USAF Chief Flight Surgeon and have been involved in several Aircraft mishap investigations. The Corpus Delicti of 9/11 can be stated very simply. No massive debris field no aircraft accident. Let me explain. Given the reported airspeed and angle of attack of every single commercial aircraft claimed to be involved in 9/11, at the very instant of contact of the nose with a solid or semi solid object, there would be a rapid and massive increase in the cabin pressure. Such rapid and massive increase in pressure would easily blow the thin metal fuselage into thousands of parts that would rain down and be scattered for many city blocks on the street below in Manhattan, around the Pentagon and in the field in Pennsylvania. This debris would include pieces of the airframe, seats, luggage, windows, bodies and body parts. Multiple reports described no such findings. No massive debris field no airplanes no matter what people think they saw.

  3. Lew A (Lincoln) Welge

    Wow! Great Comment, Dr. David E-G!

    Now, if the “planes” were unmanned weaponized drone jet aircraft, as we #CREATORS (Conspiracy Realist Educator Activist Truther Organizer Reader Socializer s) suspect, then that refutes the “no planes” zealots who intentionally demean, or likely covertly defame #NEARLY All we “Truthers” as “Flat Earth” believing “Conspiracy Theorists;” the principal #DivideAndConquer strategy of the #nefariousNewWorldOrder’s architects & #PowersThatBe.

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