Kristina Borjesson and Mick Harrison, Esq.

Litigation Director Harrison: Tackling Explosive 9/11 Crimes the Government has Ignored

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Premiere whistleblower lawyer Harrison talks about his David vs. Goliath career representing whistleblowers against government and corporations and his unprecedented work as Litigation Director for the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, a non-profit organization investigating 9/11 crimes that the U.S. government has ignored and submitting their findings to courts and Congress for justice and accountability. Harrison talks about how dangerous uncaught perpetrators are still out there and could strike again at any time.

6 Responses

  1. Dusty Cordell

    Why do I never hear about how wtc 1 & 2 collapsed just like #7? And the reason they collapsed wasn’t from being hit by the airplane. Explosives had been installed in key, center of the buildings, areas the nite before. They were also placed in key spots, of the subway, that went off right before the 1st tower was hit! And I strongly believe our gov had their hands all over it.

  2. Neil B Fisher

    The knows my responce to WTC911 as being a preset controlled demolition implosion whos intent was to make it appear that this country was attacked by forien terrorists agents.
    No way No how the mind blowing smoking gun substanuated compelling evidence proves beyound any reasonable doubt what so ever.the true and real facts. But the corruption through the Media ,our own government and Big Tech is keeping this true and real information from the American People.

  3. Neil B Fisher

    True American heros are all the staff members of the and all the American people should do whatever thay can to support these modern day heros who are working for one thing to bring the truth and the real facts to what occured at the WTC on that fatful day .
    May God Bless all the members of and the people of this great and wonderful country should be proud that lcfor is here to do just that. There may be some bad feelings once the truth comes out . Well so be it no one is above the law NO ONE! Thank you LCFOR911.ORG

  4. Marcel Lugtenborg

    Deepest Respect for LC911 members. I would like to see you more on channels like Redacted, KimIversen, JacksonHinkle, JoeRogan, TLAV, ScottRitter,JudgeNapolitano, and JimmyDore. Hugs from The Netherlands.

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