Co-Produce “9/11: Crime Scene to Courtroom”!

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Phase 1 and Phase 2 are both “in-the-can” and we are officially now in post-production. We’re back from Washington DC filming of the Twin Towers evidence segments of the Film Series !!!


We’re NOW MOVING FORWARD with the critical Twin Towers segment of the Film Series !!

Day 1 Pre-Release Footage Excerpts: On the Set / Behind the Scenes / the Giving Ladder:

Watch Gail & friends who filmed us and the camera crew in live-action on the ‘C2C’ set in Washington DC on her personal cam:



We’ve taking you “behind the scenes” because we want YOU to know what’s happening on the film set and in the editing room – a sneak peak inside and outside of our mock jury chambers, and our wonderful ‘C2C’ stand-in Grand Juror volunteers, and more!



CO-Produce Phase 2: Twin Towers - TODAY!


This film series shifts the tectonic plates of the 9/11 Truth Movement, and more critically, of public awareness. It will be submitted to the U.S. Attorney’s office and to a court, as a Supplement to the original WTC Grand Jury Petition and Evidentiary Exhibits.

The Film Project is a partnership of the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry and RichardGage911, and features Attorney and LC911 Litigation Director Mick Harrison, and architect Richard Gage, AIA, presenting the most comprehensive explosive WTC evidence and legal analysis ever assembled.

Mick, Richard, and the team are now in Phase 2 where we go back to Washington DC with our professional film crew – the best in the business. This is where YOU come in !! We are now inviting each and every one of you to co-produce Phase 2 of ‘9/11: Crime Scene to Courtroom’.


From Crime Scene to Courtroom


 I'm In! Let's Co-Produce!


You may not be able to make a film series with 2-dozen point-by-point episodes like this one. But guess what?  We can! Mick and Richard, who have earned your trust for our respective areas of 9/11 expertise, are showing up to do it for you!

So, it’s an easy stretch! For us, it started with our deep resolve about the importance of 9/11 Truth – and giving our resources to a cause that we believe in wholeheartedly.

Will You also contribute what You are capable of?


 I'll Chip In To Make It Happen!


Mick, Richard and everyone at LC911 have been stretching ourselves financially very thin for more than 15 years. But it’s different for each of us. It’s a matter of finding our own personal giving level, based on our means, and how inspired we are about our freedom in this country. Because—let’s face it—the Powers-That-(shouldn’t)-Be are out of control, and it’s only getting worse.

Where do You draw Your line in the sand?

If we All participate, then its painless!

Here’s how it works:


Crime Scene to Courtroom Ladder


We can ALL find our place on this giving ladder! Where is YOURS?



$500? (Co-Producer at this level and get your name on the Film Series credits!)



 Here's My C2C Stretch!


Maybe You’re The One who can give at an even higher level because You understand the critical importance of this unique project for an historic Special Grand Jury and to wake up the public!

EXCLUSIVE Pre-Release Film Footage:

Here we bring you key excerpts the explosive testimony – never before seen – from six experts and a new star witness:  first responders, fire fighter captains, structural & fire protection engineers, and an explosives expert, including one who testified to an encounter with mysterious armed personnel who gave orders to the FDNY Captain and Chief at WTC 7.

The video excerpts you may have missed already…

In DAY 2 – Patrick Dillon – First Responder / Eye-Witness to Molten Metal & WTC7 Explosions:


In DAY 3 – Capt. Raul Angulo – Seattle Fire Dept, Firefighting Textbook Author – ‘No Firefighting Changes Post NIST Report’:


In DAY 4 – Capt. Richard Patterson, FDNY: ‘That [Building – WTC 7] will be coming down around five o’clock’:


In DAY 5 – Fire Protection Engineer Brendan Murphy, “The fires only burned for about 20 or 30 minutes before moving on to another section of the building, which is not long enough to impact the three-hour fire resistive rating of the spray-on fireproofing…!”


In Day 6 – Prof. Leroy Hulsey, Forensic Structural Engineer, “Fire Did NOT Cause the Collapse of WTC 7!”



In Day 7 – Seismic Geophysicist Andre Rousseau: “Only underground or subaerial explosions could generate seismic signals capable of propagating 34km [20 miles]….Only the hypothesis of explosions can explain the seismic waves [at WTC 7].”



In Day 8 – Explosives Expert & Chemical Engineer Mark Lillie, “EOD guys….all agreed…a demolition” [WTC 7]



In our FINAL DAY, the Campaign Wrap-up, we bring you snippets of footage from Richard Gage’s testimony to our volunteer grand jurors about the failure of the NIST theory of collapse of WTC 7:



Oh – we will indeed have plenty of photos and videos to clarify exactly what I am talking about here — and to cover the repetitive shots over the shoulders of the jurors! For now, listen to the quality of the argument and ask yourself, “How can I help to bring this film series to the real Grand Jury?”


Don’t miss the opportunity to Co-Produce this film series. Let’s get started right now! Our film-crew is ready to spring into action, and they are waiting on us!


Richard Gage, AIA and Film Crew - Crime Scene to Courtroom

Our incredible Director, Michele, and the C2C Film Crew: Gary, Joshua, Josh, and Dwayne, say “Thank You! We’re ready to serve for Phase 2!”


 I'll Get The Wash. DC Film Crew Booked!


This is the time.

This is the film.

The World is ready for 9/11 Justice & Accountability!


Thank You for doing Your Part !!

Mick, Richard and The ‘C2C’ Team