This is the full list of 60 Grand Jury Petition Exhibits, both PDF and Video types.  Click the Exhibit number.

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Exhibit 01   Active Thermitic Material- Harrit, Jones, Ryan, Farrer
Exhibit 02   Were Explosives the Source of Seismic Signals – Rousseau
Exhibit 03   118 Witnesses – MacQueen
Exhibit 04A   FDNY– Banaciski
Exhibit 04B   FDNY – Cachia
Exhibit 04C   FDNY –  Campagna
Exhibit 04D   FDNY EMT – Charles
Exhibit 04E   FDNY – Cruthers
Exhibit 04F   FDNY – DeRubbio
Exhibit 04G   FDNY – Deshore
Exhibit 04H   FDNY – Fitzpatrick
Exhibit 04I   FDNY – Gorman
Exhibit 04J   FDNY –  Gregory
Exhibit 04K   FDNY – Rivera
Exhibit 04L   FDNY – Rogers
Exhibit 05   911 Commission Report
Exhibit 06   Waiting For Seven – MacQueen
Exhibit 07   NIST NCSTAR 1-8
Exhibit 08   LDEO Seismic – W.Y. Kim
Exhibit 09   Why Indeed Did The Twin Towers Collapse – Jones
Exhibit 10   NIST FAQ WTC7
Exhibit 11   NIST NCSTAR 1
Exhibit 12   Extremely High Temperatures – Jones
Exhibit 13   Environmental Anomalies – Ryan
Exhibit 14   FEMA 403, Appendix C
Exhibit 15   High Velocity Bursts – Ryan
Exhibit 16 Video WTC7 Collapse Compilation
Exhibit 17  Video Schroeder/Rodriguez
Exhibit 18A  Video WTC2 Collapse Compilation
Exhibit 18B  Video WTC1 Collapse Compilation
Exhibit 19  Video Witness Kenneth Summers
Exhibit 20  Video America Rebuilds -Silverstein
Exhibit 21  Video Pre-Plane Explosion Witnesses
Exhibit 22  Video William Rodriguez
Exhibit 23  Video Gage/McIlvaine/Ketchum @ National Press Club
Exhibit 24  Video Kevin McPadden
Exhibit 25  Video Barry Jennings
Exhibit 26  Video  Molten Steel – Ruvollo
Exhibit 27  Video BBC- Jane Standley @ 5pm
Exhibit 28  Video Basement Explosions – Phillip Morelli
Exhibit 29  Video JIF (Justice In Focus) – Gage and Cole (Explosives)
Exhibit 30A  Video JIF- Gage and Szamboti (WTC7)
Exhibit 30B  Video JIF- Gage and Szamboti (Towers)
Exhibit 31  Video JIF – Gage and Hulsey (
Exhibit 32A  Video JIF – Gage and Chandler (WTC7 Free Fall)
Exhibit 32B  Video JIF – Gage and Chandler (Controlled Demolition)
Exhibit 32C  Video JIF-  Gage and Chandler (Lateral Ejections)
Exhibit 33 Video JIF – Gage and Harrit (Active Thermitics)
Exhibit 34   156 Witnesses – MacQueen
Exhibit 35 Video WTC2 Molten Substance Pouring – Ben Reisman
Exhibit 36  Video WTC2 Molten Substance Pouring
Exhibit 37  Video Rodriguez –  Basement Explosion
Exhibit 38 Video
A&E Iron Microspheres Analysis
Exhibit 39  Video JIF – Gage and Cole (Molten Iron)
Exhibit 40  Video Foreknowledge of WTC7’s Demise- MacQueen
Exhibit 41   Image of WTC2 Molten Substance
Exhibit 42 Video JIF – Gage and MacQueen (Explosion Witnesses)
Exhibit 43   REDACTED DRM MH Witness Deposition Numbered Pages 1 through 95
Exhibit 44   The Franklin Square and Munson Fire District Commissioners Resolution
Exhibit 45   A Structural Reevaluation of the Collapse of World Trade Center 7 March2020