–SJSFor the truth!
–JHThanks for your excellent effort.
–LWReally extremely appreciatively Liking It, This, Ya’ll!
–KQThank you for your efforts to petition for a proper investigation of the crimes of 9-11.    It is heartening to see members of the legal profession use their powers to seek truth.  A greater level of truthfinding, hopefully, will make our country better.
–ABThank you for your efforts. Remember building 7…
–DMThank you!!!
–CATI pray the American justice system and the New York Attorney General will look honestly at all the facts and bring justice back into America, it has been sorely absent and greatly missed.
–ERMay Truth prevail
–LMI am proud to support this tremendous work. The tenacity and dedication of your team is inspiring. How can I stay updated on the progress?  Thank you!
–ABSo glad and hopeful for this effort. Thank you so much!!
–RBAs one who has filed a FOIA or two, I’d like to see the Lawyer’s Committee commit a portion of these donations to taking legal action when these FOIA’s need your help through court action. Thanks
–GHThank you for your long-awaited efforts!
–WYKeep up  the good work!
–SBThanks for getting truth exposed & pursuing justice! “There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed” Luke 12:2 
–AWEGood luck
–KDKeep up the great work! I am so thankful that the treasonous atrocities of that day and every day since then are coming out. Thank you so much!
–CAPlease note this is from San Diego 9/11 Truth.
–AJKeep up the good work!!!
–LPPlease make this international because US is deeply sick and corrupt. Flag draping does not help OUR GLOBAL CAUSE. We are all in this together.
–JMThank you!
–EBThank you so much for seeking the truth! God speed.
–MAThank you so much for standing for 9-11 truth.
–RMWish I could donate more!  Justice will Prevail and Triumph
–FKCould you let me know what types of volunteer opportunities you have available to assist in this very important effort?
–SGThank you for seeking the truth surrounding this criminal act
–EDThank You !!!
–RCI wish I could give more but I hope this helps. Please keep fighting the good fight for all of us!
–SCLife, Liberty, and Justice for All.  Thank you for working to support The Truth.
–BYThankyou so much for doing something and for allowing me to contribute! Best of luck and may everyone including any grandjury remain safe.
–CAYour group defines true patriotism. Courageous and principled people like yourselves give me hope for our collective future.
–JPThank you & your team so much for everything you have committed to & accomplished! We’re just getting started, my friends…
–DYDon’t give up guys! I personally am very proud of you and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to participate.
–RCThank you, all peoples who wish peace, freedom & happiness are with you! The whole world cries out for justice.
–MACongratulations on the recent response from the DOJ. Thank you all for everything you are doing. -MA, veteran, US Army Corps of Engineers
–RSKeep up the good work. I will post your site on my Facebook page
–MIKeep up your great work and thanks.
–HBFBlessings and strength to the truth
–HKPlease keep going.  Embracing truth will allow our country and all people to blossom.  Your work is noble and rare.  If this bears out, it will be seen as extreme value by all mankind.
–SNThanks – just learning about your work. Timeto take our country back.
–JMCTiming is everything and If this doesn’t wake the people up then I’m not sure what will.  Waking up in Europe as we have got to take these globalists down due to their crimes against humanity and this event triggered it off in the middle east.
–NLAGreat work! I hope the LC also takes a serious look at Christopher Bollyn’s work.
–JSThank you and congratulations! God Bless You.
–HTGCongratulations on your Breakthrough!   It is my passion and, as I believe,  duty, to support courageous people like yourselves who are not afraid to fight for the truth and justice, regardless of how powerful their opponents might be. I was very fortunate
–ADGo get them. So many lives lost!
–PTGood luck with your campaign. Donation for Grand Jury Investigation Project.
–CATI have been supporting this movement for 911 truth for 17 years
–CDCI have Very little hope that the system will police itself.  Good luck.
–PSPlease oh righteous God reveal the truth of 9/11. Amen.
–PDThank you so much for your important and meaningful work!
–JSEmail from election integrity colleague Mark Crispin Miller – election theft (I work in election forensics) and 9/11 being the two highest-voltage third rails going.
–PEI am an avid 9/11 Truth reader
–KSMark Crispin Miller sent me your latest update. Good luck and god speed. May the truth be known and thrust into the light!! Thank you and know that many of us are behind you and all your work. Let’s DO this!!
–JMThank you so much.
–LNThis is for the Grand Jury costs
–HMGood Luck!
–WSI see posts from ae911truth.org on facebook and am a member. hard to share information.  scary subject.  have encountered censorship from facebook and santa fe new Mexican.  thanks and good luck.
–RMTake great care.
–APThank you so much for the work you are doing.  You are making history!
–JLThanks for your good work. Good luck with exposing the truth
–JPKeep up the excellent work. Thank you and God Bless.
–EIThrough a person very much involved in this.
–TCGA small donation to help support the cause.
–PFA&E email. I watched the live stream of the 2016 Cooper Union conference. Great job! Wonderful to see the progress you’ve made with the Grand Jury petition.
–VLGod bless you all, Merry Christmas
–JCGod speed
–JBI can’t thank you enough! Wish it could be more, but I donate in honor of Angel Pena, Jon Perconti, and Steve Fiorelli, and my neighbors in Jersey City who were murdered that day. I was right across from the WTC, suffer breathing problems now, was friends
–TI found out about this project through SGT Report.
–JNI just heard the interview on the SGT Report on YouTube.  I hope my small donation will help you get to the truth and justice of 911.  
–PMI listen to SGT Report.  I am an Irish Grandmother.  I want justice done for everyone esp the people that were murdered and those that died since from illnesses.  
–KFJust finished the SGT Report interview and my prayers go out to you and all the patriots that are working to bring the truth and freedom to humanity!  God Bless you all!!!
–INLock ‘em all up. ♥️ We’ll never forget.
–SWSGT Report   Thank you for being shepherds over our nation. God Bless You All With Protection and Favor.
–KMSGT Report and let the truth will out! Thank you!
–SESGT Report. Godspeed Patriots! Merry Christmas, let’s make 2019 the Year of JUSTICE!
–SPSGT Report. ThanQ for your hard work!
–RMThank you for seeking the TRUTH!
–GKThank you for the work you do getting to the truth. I saw the video on SGT Report
–KLThank you for your efforts!
–CRThanks ����������
–DSThanks for fighting for those who can not. God Bless You in this endeavor. Amen.
–ALThanks for you hard work. Heard through STG Report.
–TSThanks for your report on SGT Report! Patriots everywhere are cheering for your success!
–RBI’ve been following this for over a decade. I’ve recently seen in the SGT REPORT that a Federal Grand Jury has been empaneled to inquire into the evidence of 911. I want my donation to go to the Grand Jury Project.
–RLSGT report Please bring this crime to light. Godspeed. You are hero’s. Restore the republic. Thank YOU.
–TBThanks to SGT Report for airing your story!
–PEGod Bless  all those who are trying to expose the evil and bring them to justice.  God Bless.  SGT Report… Many Thx! 9/11 was an Inside Job!
–TYVarious. SGT Report intvw drove me to donate. Godspeed.
–DMGodspeed patriots, where we go one we go all!! Let justice be done.
–LBGood Job
–AVI have been following this atrocity for years and I knew it was a conspiracy. Thank goodness for all your hard work and perseverance.
–ATGet the truth out!
–GHI saw your interview on the SGT report the other day. While I may live in Australia, the work you are doing is vitally important to everyone in the world who care about the truth and the innocent victims who lost their lives in this shocking event.
–RMIt’s not only Americans that will benefit from the truth of 911 once revealed.  As it is only the beginning of accountability for the world wide corruption that we all experience.  Thank you from Montreal Canada for the work y’all are doing.
–DRSGT Report link was provided thru Madeline Gerwick’s quarterly report. Thank you Madeline
–LBSGTreport…. Thank you for your invaluable work. May our Lord Bless you and yours.
–BCRaise Hell!
–VDMFor the Grand Jury Investigation of 911
–BWThank you for working so hard on the front lines (and putting your lives in jeopardy) for all of us. Keeping up the good fight. Sending light and love your way.
–ARThank you for the hard work you have all put into bringing this matter to this point. Hopefully, not only yourselves, but the entire WORLD will reap the rewards in the not too distant future.
–SMFor years, I’ve followed your work & now willing to support your efforts during this critical phase.  May your efforts not be in vain. Good Luck.   Kind Regards,  –AHegarty
–JGHave heard of you but the sea change video on sgt helped convinced me to do something for your hard work
–MTWe are Minnesota 9/11 Truth and follow your work.  We also admire you and you inspire us.  Thank you.
–ABI have been following A&E for 911 Truth for several years.  I am encouraged to see progress.  Thank you.
–WCThe Lawyers Committee effort is the most important effort related to justice for the victims of 9/11 that we have ongoing now. Absolutely worth supporting.
–JGWe have an obligation as citizens to see to the proper application of justice. When institutions fail to achieve those goals assigned to them we the people must intervene.
–BDI don’t believe the government story, I believe there was a cover-up.
–WJBecause this is such an important issue to be resolved and for a more sane future where the better qualities of man can flourish
–AFThe coverup is more damaging to our country than even the event itself
–RAThe “official story” of 9/11 is clearly not the true story. For all those who died that day and since under cover of the lies we were told, nothing less than an independent, thorough investigation and full disclosure of the truth will do.
–JLI want to make my surroundings aware of the 9/11 Truth campaign, and I need a new t-shirt
 The truth will set us free, once enough people get it.
–BDThe truth re: 9/11 is too important not to be exposed.
–TBI know this is a grim topic, but if there was a shift in the collective conscious, this effort could be cause for great celebration!
–HSWe need an independent investigation. Justice is crying out from the dust and 2996 bodies of 9/11.
–MDI want to see justice in my lifetime for the crime of the century.
–SNTo support those who have and continue to die and seek for the truth.
–LMThe TRUTH about 9/11 is easy to see. Tell your pastor, church, city council, etc. Never stop speaking for all the victims.
–MSNobody seems to want to talk about 9/11 Truth despite the fact that we are still living with the consequences today. Exposing the truth is the true path to justice and eventually peace.
–BDThere is ample evidence that the official story of 9/11 may not be true and deserves a more complete investigation
–GMIf we are a nation governed by law, then it just makes sense to investigate, determined what happened and take punitive action. Not the kind based on LIES!
–BMI believed it was a false flag committed by the usa government when it happened on September 11th, 2001 and told people at the time. It is astounding to me that this charade has gone on for so long.
–SKThose who conspired to plant explosives, demolish buildings, and murder innocent people must be brought to justice.
–BDHelp clean the swamp
 The facts about 9-11 need to be set straight. My conscience cannot turn a blind eye to the atrocities resulting from the official myth, nor am I comfortable with the tax dollars spent to sustain the endless wars. I truly believe Peace is an option
–EAI was very upset about the number of people who lost their lives whilst working hard in the towers and those on the planes. I would love to wipe ISIS from the face of the Earth.
–DMWe must look at truth, without fear. When a question is too toxic to even be asked, it needs to be asked.
–DEOur government murdered 3000 people so they could use it to justify murdering millions more. This nightmare they call “war on terror” needs to end.
–FDFighting the never-ending battle for truth, justice and the American way
–ABI believe this to be the most important pursuit of justice in my lifetime. If we are not able to find and bring those responsible for this act of terrorism to justice then we as a nation will forever be guided by lies and false perception.
–CTMay the truth prevail and the initiation of war by false flag terror be ended.
–NRClearly the official version of events is not plausible and it is morally criminal that the lies told resulted in the deaths of civilians, members of the US military, first responders and many people 
–GKI support 911 truth because i am anti-war.
–SSWhen ever the truth is revealed it would be the end of the deep state and we the people can restore this country back to a republic the way it was meant to be.
–WYI am supporting this campaign because the War on Terror is doing FAR too much harm and no good for the people or environment – and it’s all based on a lie. It’s time we end the lies.
 What happened on 9/11/01 was a false flag operation and the worst mass murder in US history. What more needs to be said.
–FIEnough lies.
–XAIt is often said that once a lie is told, many others must follow, to keep the Truth buried. Imagine a large family suffering from a tyrannical incestuous father- that is the state of the USA since 9/11/01. “…Truth will out” Shakespeare, 1596
–RHOur country still festers from a grave wound, which only the cleansing of an honest accounting can heal. American and world citizens deserve and demand justice. It is time.
–TWThank you to the group for tirelessly continuing to support the quest for transparency re: the events of 9/11/01. I do not expect to see full results in my lifetime, but I am fully confident that truth will eventually prevail. Vincit Omnia Veritas
–PMThank you for initiating this action. 9/11 was a false flag that racheted up the political takeover of the USA. So important that this travesty is not the elephant in the room but the cause that Americans can rally around. Wishing for your success.
–WPAs a structural engineer for more than 42 years, I KNOW without any doubt that 9/11 was the most heinous fraud ever perpetrated.
–JBI never did understand how a building could go down so perfectly. My brother and I questioned that that day. Something just ain’t right!
–KEThe masses should know.
–GOThe human journey turns on whether we expose the real perpetrators of 9-11. 911JusticeCampaign
–SWAnyone with a scintilla of cognitive awareness can see through the fraud of the official story we were told. Good luck with this, though knowing how corrupt and bought politicians are I have little hope. Kudos for trying
–GTI want the murderous, thieving, evil bastards brought to justice
–JBFor the truth of 911
–DRI want the american people to find out what part’s of their government have done!
–MSIf We do not hold accountable those that planned, implemented and covered for this complex operation, then, We there is no limit to the terror these criminals will bring to everyone on this planet.
–JLI desire justice
–BLI support this cause because our country cannot improve and move forward without facing hard truths.
–YCBuilding #7 was 47 stories high. It went down in less than ten seconds. So this is a controlled demolition.
–DEThe 9/11 incident/crime affected my life and the one of all future generations. It is a moral imperative to investigate it.
–MM9/11 is not a “conspiracy theory” story. It’s about getting to the truth and facts of the matter, which the government study intentionally sought to avoid. There is enough public evidence to indicate that the planes alone did not create a collapse.
–JEIt’s a great opportunity to get the word out about the Grand Jury Petition and raise awareness about the many unanswered questions about the crime of the century that goes on killing and destroying — in a cool, upbeat way.
–DNNow is the time for transparency and accountability! (in many areas)
–CP9/11 was an inside job!
–RNDown with wars for empire!
–DABecause it’s obvious to the half assed observer this was an inside/Israeli job. Go get em, boys
–JDSupporting the cause to expose the crime of the century is essential to all that know the official story is bogus. Maybe this will lead to the truth that much of the world knows is being hidden
–SHOnly the truth of this horrible event can help us move forward
–KGThe LC is doing historically important work for due process, truth, justice and the American way.
–WGThe events of 911 opened a new era of wars and killing, that were based on lies not only of the events of that day but of the wars that followed 
–MFIt’s about time that lawyers got involved in this. I have long advocated for the scrutiny a lawsuit will put on the events of that day. It is painfully obvious to anyone not blinded by his own fear or prejudice that the official story is untrue.
–RBExpose the smiling lying gangsters in DC and Israel
–SBAs a professional engineer and member of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth I have been active in promoting the truth about 9/11. I wish you luck in getting an inquiry going.
–RBI want to see the truth made widely clear via proper legal inquiry, and for justice to prevail.
–DBTo shake up the real perpetrators that are destroying our country and many others because of 9/11/01!
–DKTo have the truth of 9/11 publicly acknowledged
–GMThe crime of the Century has been committed by our government and minions.
 This is an extremely important and worthy initiative!
–BPFor Justice to prevail!!!
–JFIn memory of my cousin, Jack Connelly, who was murdered in the North Tower on 9/11 and all those who died in this heinous act by our own government.
–CGBeing willing to accept and then spread the truth about the 9/11 false flag operation is the acid test for a patriotic citizen of the USA.
 Because the truth matters. Murder and deception by any government is the worst kind of injustice…
–FS9-11 truth must prevail
–DDThe lawyers’ work is critical to exposing the lie of 9/11. Publicly exposing the 9/11 lie is critical to a sane world. I’d rather my grandchildren–all children–grow up in a sane world.
–BSIt is important for the future.
–JHWe are looooong overdue for the nonsense of these lies to be exposed and those responsible held accountable!
–NMI really just need a nice, quality T-shirt. That’s it. Lol. Thanks a bunch my 9/11 Truth comrades!
 “9/11 Truth: A powerful path to PEACE” comes to mind… It has been almost 17 years of the US government waging wars on innocent people in the Middle East all because of the terrible lie of September 11th. It is past time to end this madness.
–JZWe all want justice!
 Let’s get to the truth of what happened on 9/11 so we can work towards justice and peace.
–LWThis the most important justice America has ever faced and must be addressed as a Class Action suite.so many million people were and are still affected by our Goverment taking part of the New World Order Idea. If justice does not succeed we shall perish. 
–CCI’m supporting this campaign because “Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere” (#MLK) & “Right Makes Might.”
–GBWe deserve to know the truth. It will help us make future decisions about our leadership.
–WWThe lie of 911 has gone on too long and the longer it lasts the more indelible it will become. We owe it to the young generation to see how grossly our government can lie and cover up the truth. Only then will they become critical thinkers.
–PSFellow San Diego 911 Truth Member. 
–CMI have enormous appreciation for what you do. Thank gawd you’re there for the rest of us. 
–SB‍ ‍ If we don’t support the Lawyers, we are screwed!!! ☮️
–MDCheri has shared with me her compelling Enlightenment
–MCYou are justice itself. My heart goes out to all you are trying to accomplish.
–ADBeen waiting for y’all for a long time now… Deepest Thanks!!!!
–WHThe truth will out either by the caring being persistent or the perpetrators bragging in another 50 or so years after files are released to the public.
–JSWe need the truth.
–MCBecause the original investigation is bogus. Because 9/11 events are too important to not be thoroughly investigated .
–TS“9/11 TRUTH WILL END THE WAR” We need it now more than ever!
–DMPLEASE SUPPORT 9/11 JUSTICE!! We are witnessing landmark legislation; we have a chance to change the course we are on. We must see this through! Buy a t-shirt, support the lawyers, and wear it at the 9/11 Truth Action Project Vigils!
–DPQuest for Truth and Justice
–CAI’ve been supporting LC911Inquiry since I attended the Justice in Focus 911 conference in New York in September 2016. This truth must be told.
–RCI am support the truth and the Grand Jury Petition that will expose the massive explosives used that will prove who the real criminals are. Nothing else will save our republic and Constitution. Thank you to the amazing attorneys with all my heart.
–MAWe must get a criminal prosecution of the people who used explosives to destroy the World Trade Center building killing thousands of innocent working people including two pregnant women.
–AMI support this campaign because it is the right thing to do.
 Longtime supporter of 9/11 Truth.
–MRI evaluate evidence for a living and have sworn to uphold and protect the Constitution
–JCI support the legal process to bring about an independent investigation because until we bring truth to light, the madness will continue.
–CAI am supporting this group because I am it’s president, lol!! Thanks for all you all are doing for us!!
–DBSupporting this Grand Jury is supporting the Constitution and World Peace. We can not let the government’s lies of 9/11 be history, we can not let those criminals who are still very much in charge stay in charge.
–MFThe official story no longer holds up and that mean US government must carry out a new investigation that is transparent and draws on those witnesses of the event and those who have evidence either from observations or who have conducted learned studies like those at the University of Alaska. This is urgent because policies resulting from the official line have had, and are having, devastating consequences for the well-being of the world we have to live in.
–RBExpose the gangsters who employ genocide to insure their control of the planet. Carnival barker trump will butcher Iran to please Israel. 
–JEThere’s one punishment for Treason! Thanks to all of the Lawyers on the Committee! I’ll bet you never thought that you would have to undertake something like this when you graduated Law school. I hate to put pressure on you all, but a lot of people know the truth, and we’re all counting on you. Best of luck.
–MAIt’s TIME for accontability and transparency!
–SFI’m a US Army Engineer Corps veteran who’s been researching and sharing the best truth I can about the September 11, 2001 scam for around eleven years now. Awareness that the official story is a lie has grown in leaps and bounds since that tragic day. I support the 9/11 Grand Jury because we should hold those responsible accountable and start a new America. Wars of aggression make us less safe rather than protect us. We should make an example of the people who participated in the 9-11 scam and its cover up and put them all in jail. The young people don’t deserve all these lies and corruption.
–JK9/11 and its aftermath in the Middle East is such an unspeakable fraud.
–FDThe human journey turns on whether we expose pure evil, or succumb to evil
–MSHoping for our day in court to prove the case against the real “evildoers” of 9/11
–DWMy heartfelt thanks to the Lawyers Committee and to all the other activists working tirelessly for 9/11 Truth and Justice!
–MDWe need the truth what happened
–RAHere we are, approaching the 17th/ anniversary  of the infamous day, 11 September 2001 and still no closer to obtaining the whole truth. This is an indication of a MUCH deeper issue than we could even imagine. All one needs to look at all the facts presented to date on this horrific event. Such as, where are the “Black Boxes”, Plane Parts, Explosive Nano-thermite dust, the ABSENCES of physical evidence, prior press briefings, substantial increase in insurance coverage, missing monies and prior stock trading. All of these are irrfuitable facts in the case. 
–JMThe world need to set a new course. 9/11 Truth can be the kick, that will help us change direction. Thank you for the good work and good luck with the Inquiry. I will be happy to see my new t-shirt!