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5/19/22: Youtube has, without notice, terminated the account that the videos were linked to and are being replaced as fast as possible.Thanks for your patience. Fixed links are blue.


Niels  Harrit Chemist Nanothermite Used on 9/11
Jon  Cole Engineer The Scientific Method
Stephen  Dusterwald Engineer Ductility in Structural Steel
Tony  Szamboti Engineer WTC7
Jon  Cole Engineer Chemical Explosives Used on 9/11?
Tony  Szamboti Engineer Destruction of WTC 1 & 2
Jon  Cole Engineer Dust, Heat and Molten Iron on 9/11
Leroy  Hulsey Engineer Did WTC7 Collapse Due To Fires?
Eric  Lawyer Fire Fighter Firefighters For 9/11 Truth — Fire or Explosives
Graeme  McQueen Professor Witnesses to Explosions on 9/11
David  Chandler Teacher WTC7 Freefall?
David  Chandler Teacher WTC Demolition or Collapse?
David  Chandler Teacher 9/11 Lateral Ejections