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5/19/22: Youtube has, without notice, terminated the account that the videos were linked to, they are being replaced as fast as possible. Thanks for your patience.

Les  Jamieson  Activist     The 28 Pages
Ferdinando  Imposimato  Attorney
    Strategy of Tension
Michael  Diamond  Attorney     9/11 — Are Lawyers Duty Bound?
Jane  Clark  Attorney     FOIA and 9/11 Put Options
Mick  Harrison  Attorney     The 28 Pages Deception
Mick  Harrison  Attorney     Creation of The Lawyers’ Committee
Mick  Harrison  Attorney     Citizen Induced 9/11 Grand Jury?
Mick  Harrison  Attorney     9/11 Federal Legal Standards
Jane  Clark  Attorney     9/11 Related FOIA Requests
William  Jacoby  Attorney     9/11 Change Through Law
Dave  Meiswinkle  Attorney     U.S. Litigation Strategy
Dave  Meiswinkle  Attorney     N.J. Grand Jury Legal Standards
Mustapha  Ndanusa  Attorney     N.Y. Grand Jury Legal Standards
Mustapha  Ndanusa  Attorney     Prosecute the Case Yourself
William  Pepper  Attorney     9/11 Media Disinformation
Daniel  Sheehan  Attorney     9/11 Litigation Strategy
Bill  Veale  Attorney     April Gallop & U.S. Litigation Strategy
Barbara  Honegger  Author     The Saudis & U.S. Litigation Strategy
Barbara  Honegger  Author     U.S. Litigation Strategy