Mounting an effective effort will necessitate the ability to hire a competent team of lawyers, investigators support staff, and public education. Therefore, it will require significant funding to enable this campaign to move forward, which we hope will be imminent. Please see our donate button to the right. For substantial contributions requiring correspondence, please use our Contact Form and include your phone number.

The following legal options are viable if there is factual investigation based on thorough legal research with the highest standards in mind to meet the likely high burden of proof which will be required. These include:

  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
  • Information (Data) Quality Act
  • Whistleblower Protection
  • Securities Fraud (If SOL tolled due to fraudulent concealment etc.)
  • Fraud upon the Court
  • Class Actions  
  • Racketeering Act (RICO)
  • International Criminal Court
  • [False Claims Act]
  • Anti-Terrorism Laws
  • Civil and Constitutional Rights Claims

Conducting a campaign of legal actions on the many unanswered and unlitigated issues of 9/11 will likely be on the scale of major civil rights, public interest, and major environmental cases. In other words, it can be expected to be high profile.