Anthrax To COVID – The Ongoing Anthrax Deception with David Meiswinkle from the Lawyers’ Committee

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Streamed Live November 21,2020: Joining The Last American Vagabond is returning guest David Meiswinkle, President Executive Director of Lawyer’s Committee For 9/11 Inquiry. On October 15th 2020, the Lawyer’s Committee For 9/11 Inquiry submitted a petition to the US Congress formally requesting a “redress of grievances regarding Federal Government misconduct related to the post-9/11 anthrax attacks of 2001,” showing Americans that not only has the evidence presented been suppressed and disregarded all this time, but that there is a great possibility to this very day that the same entities and interests involved with the anthrax deception and its coverup maybe the same ones building the new biosecurity state apparently using the current iteration of ongoing anthrax agenda, COVID-19. Thanks to The Last American Vagabond for permission to post this video. Visit TLAV HERE

Lawyers’ Committee Petitions Congress To Reopen Anthrax Investigation

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Anthrax assassination letter addressed to United States Senator Tom Daschle in 2001 shortly before the Congressional passage of the United States Patriot Act.


The Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry has recently petitioned Congress to reopen the 2001 anthrax investigations.. All 435 House of Representatives and 100 United States Senators received the Executive Summary and links to the Petition and Exhibits you are receiving. The Exhibits include documents from scientists and military officers who worked at the United States Army Medical Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) at Fort Detrick, Maryland. Some of these important documents have never before been publicly seen.

Executive Summary
Lawyers’ Committee For 911 Inquiry. Inc
Petition To Congress To initiate A Congressional Investigation Into The 2001 Anthrax Attacks

This Petition is a formal request to Congress for redress of grievances regarding the federal government’s misconduct detailed in the referenced Petition related to the post-9/11 anthrax attacks of 2001. These attacks against Congress and the media involved use of a lethal biological warfare agent. This lethal agent killed 5 individuals, injured at least 17 others, and was used to attempt the assassination of two United States Senators.

This Petition centers on multiple lines of evidence relating to the FBI’s investigation of the anthrax attacks beginning in 2001 and concluding in 2010 which was intentionally obstructed and was not conducted in good faith.

The FBI’s analyses and reports were knowingly deceptive.

The Petition is 75 pages with 69 Exhibits supporting the urgent need for a Congressional investigation.

The Major Conclusions of the Lawyers’ Committee in this Petition are:

1. The FBI’s sole identified anthrax killer, Dr. Bruce Ivins, a distinguished scientist with a 28-year career at U.S. Army’s Medical Research Institute, was innocent and an unfortunate scapegoat of FBI contrivance.

2. The FBI intentionally, by concealing and avoiding key evidence, steered its investigation away from the most likely suspects, those personnel associated with Dugway Proving Grounds, Battelle Memorial Institute and their contractual CIA partner, and institutions and individuals associated with them, and concentrated instead on the least likely suspects, scientists from United States Army Medical Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), and prematurely concluded its investigation upon the death of Dr. Ivins.

3. Congressional involvement is necessary as the Department of Justice has a conflict of interest in investigating its own alleged misconduct.

4. Those responsible for the anthrax attacks are still at large and the Nation remains in peril.

5. The anthrax attacks appear to have been intended to rush the passage of the United States Patriot Act, thus undermining civil liberties, facilitating a War on Iraq predicated on nonexistent weapons of mass destruction and inaugurating the War on Terror which continues to this day

Read the full executive summary HERE

Recognizing and Pushing Back the Post 9/11 Police State – September 13, 2020

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Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry Anniversary Event

Video Segments on our Youtube Channel HERE

Supported by the Truth Action Project (TAP)
Zoom Conference Sunday, September 13, 2020, 3-6 pm EST
Recognizing and Pushing Back the Post 9/11 Police State

Dear Friends:

The Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry sponsored an educational zoom program on Sunday September 13th, 3:00 pm – 6:00 p.m. eastern standard time. Segments have been posted to our Youtube channel. Thanks for your support!



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The Expanding Legal Front – Lawyers’ Committee at Justice Rising

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9/11/2020: Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth is thrilled to present “Justice Rising,” an online conference on the continuing struggle for 9/11 justice and the destructive trajectory of the post-9/11 world.

The Expanding Legal Front

8:15 to 9 PM Mick Harrison is joined by fellow LC Board Members Barbara Honegger and David Meiswinkle to report on the group’s efforts, including a bold new initiative to be announced around September 11. Lawyers’ Anthrax Exhibits


AE911Truth Justice Rising