Beginning August 16th  and continuing through September 15, 2018 the Lawyers’ Committee will be taking donations via the fund-raising social media platform Custom Ink.

This link will take you to our page on the fundraising platform for ordering and also to make comments and extra donations if you so choose.  You will have the opportunity to read comments of other 9/11 Truth Advocates also ordering hats across our Nation, standing in Unity, to make sure the 9/11 Grand Jury is convened so Justice can prevail and our Republic restored. 

This second campaign will end on September 15th.  At that time all the hats are sent out and should arrive by October 1, 2018.

The Lawyers’ Committee will accumulate funds in relation to how many are sold.  The priority is getting the message out and of course the funds are most welcome.

We trust we will have a successful second campaign, and will launch others in the near future.  Please share this link far and wide to help make these hats collector’s items for the 9/11Grand Jury that will finally reveal explosives and the whole the truth and nothing but the truth.

Thank you very much.

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Have an idea for future campaigns?  Talk to us via our Contact page.